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Donna BluhmDonna Bluhm, LCSW, ACSW

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“I began working in in-home health services in 1988. I was drawn to the patients who, although they were ill, found ways to cope and have meaningful lives. These patients had normal everyday struggles, but the extraordinary lives behind their age and illness were fascinating and meaningful. When I became the primary caregiver for my parents, I learned on a very personal level that caring for loved ones at the end of their life brings special blessings and opportunities for closeness. I also found that these care needs can be overwhelming, demanding and that everyone needs a support system in order to “get through”.

Geri-Options provides an opportunity to develop not only the support systems needed by our clients but also an opportunity to develop relationships that have added to my own personal growth. Geri-Options is highly regarded in the community and has a reputation that I am proud to be associated with. I feel Geri-Options meets a need that is not answered by any other service.  We have the opportunity to acknowledge the client’s wishes not just their needs and we strive to set up care plans that provide for safety while considering the desire of the client.”

Donna received her Bachelor of Sociology from Texas Woman’s University in 1968 and a Master’s in Social Work from Our Lady of the Lake in San Antonio in 1971. She worked in the field of mental retardation/developmental disabilities for many years and continues to work as a contract medical social worker in-home health care.  She also is the Denton County MHMR counselor for individuals with developmental disabilities. 

Donna joined Geri-Options in 1998.  She is committed to continuing Geri Sam’s legacy through Geri-Options, is a member of the National Association of Social Workers, and a member of the Aging Life Care Association.